Ninety-Nine Gymnasts Name to EAGL all-Academic Team

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (March 19, 2012) – An impressive 99 gymnasts were named to the East Atlantic Gymnastics League (EAGL) all-Academic Team, as announced by the league tonight.

 All eight teams were represented on the list, with New Hampshire and Rutgers leading the way with 15 honorees each.

 Ninety-one gymnasts were named to the team in 2011.

 In order to be named to the EAGL all-Academic team, student-athletes must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher. Freshmen are eligible if they earned a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the fall semester.

 Awards will be presented to the honorees at the 2012 EAGL Championship Banquet this Friday, March 23, in Pittsburgh, Pa.

The University of Pittsburgh will play host to the league championship this Saturday, March 24, at 2 p.m., at the Fitzgerald Field House, in Pittsburgh, Pa. 

2012 All-EAGL Academic Team

 George Washington University

Name                                      Class                          Major

Kaija Aploks                            Fr.                                Pre-Business Administration

Monique Blount                       Sr.                               Psychology

Brittany Burnham                   Sr.                               Psychology

Kayla Carto                              Jr.                                Exercise Science

Elena Corcoran                        Fr.                                Arts and Sciences

Brittany Doran                         So.                               Pre-Business Administration

Sara Halliburton                      So.                               Pre-Dietetics

Brenna Marcoux                      Fr.                                Engineering

Veronica Minervino                 Fr.                                Arts and Sciences

Amanda Murphy                      Sr.                               Marketing

Nefertiti Roy                             Jr.                                Psychology

Stephanie Stoicovy                  Jr.                                Exercise Science

Courtney Willoughby              Fr.                                Pre-Business Administration

Elizabeth Zander                     So.                               Sport, Event and Hospitality Management


University of Maryland

Name                                      Class                          Major

Jessie Black                            So.                               Kinesiology

Kesley Cofsky                         Jr.                                Kinesiology

Katy Dodds                             So.                               Letters & Sciences

Elizabeth Garcia                     Fr.                                Studio Art

Stephanie Giameo                  Fr.                                Letters & Sciences

Danielle Kram                         Fr.                                Psychology

Elizabethe Manzi                     So.                               Civil Engineering

Briana Melander                     Jr.                                Kinesiology

Rebecca Pang                          Sr.                               Journalism

Shannon Skochko                  Fr.                                Letters & Sciences

Karen Tang                             So.                               Letters & Sciences


University of New Hampshire

Name                                      Class                          Major

Jennifer Aucoin                       Jr.                                Nutrition & Wellness

Hannah Barile                         So.                               Exercise Science

Alison Carr                               Sr.                               Sport Studies

Courtney Connors                  Jr.                                Accounting

Kayla Gray                               Fr.                                Exercise Science

Adrienne Hill                          Fr.                                Civil Engineering

Jillian Hudson                        So.                               Nutrition

Dianna Kurowyckyi               Jr.                                Economics

Erin Machado                         So.                               Medical Lab Science

Katherine McGeever             Sr.                               Biochemistry

Jannelle Minichiello              So.                               Undeclared

Tasia Percevecz                      Sr.                               Biology

Danielle Reibold                     Sr.                               Biomedical Science

Erika Rudiger                         Fr.                                Sport Studies

Carly Stote                              So.                               Exercise Science


The University of North Carolina

Name                                      Class                          Major

Kristin Aloi                               So.                               Undecided

Taylor Brown                           Sr.                               Psychology

Emily Cornwell                        So.                               Undecided

Acacia Cosentino                     So.                               Undecided

Elizabeth Durkac                     Jr.                                Psychology

Michelle Ikoma                        Jr.                                Biostatistics

Krista Jasper                            Sr.                               Dramatic Arts

Elizabeth Lindley                     Sr.                               Sports Science

Meredith Magjuka                   Jr.                                Business

Janell Sargent                          Fr.                                Undecided


NC State University

Name                                      Class                          Major

Emily Anderson                     So.                               Business Management

Hannah Fallanca                    So.                               Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Rachel Fincham                     Jr.                                Nutrition

Kristen Harabedian               So.                               Business Management

Morgan Johnson                    Jr.                                Business Management

Lane Jarred                             Fr.                                Undecided

Anna Kronenfeld                    Sr.                               Animal Science

Megan Kurdelmeier               Fr.                                Undecided

Ellen Marion                           So.                               Sport Management

Jessica Panza                          Sr.                               Business Management

Rebecca Teich                         Sr.                               Communications

Jackie Yanchocik                   Sr.                               Communications


University of Pittsburgh

Name                                      Class                          Major

Alyssa Adrian                          Jr.                                Psychology

Bri Hogan                                Fr.                                Undeclared

Kori Macdonald                      So.                               Bio Engineering

Brittany Marcsisin                 Fr.                                Undeclared

Katie O’Rourke                       So.                               Undeclared

Alexa Riech                             So.                               Business

Alicia Talucci                          Sr.                               Media Communications

Lisa Taylor                              Sr.                               Rehab Science

Amy Varela                             Sr.                               Liberal Studies


Rutgers University

Name                                      Class                          Major

Alexis Belvis                             Sr.                               Art/Spanish

Melanie Brother                      Sr.                               English

Danielle D’Elia                         Jr.                                Journalism

Alexis Gunzelman                   So.                               Exercise Science

Leigh Heinbaugh                     Graduate                     Business

Alexandria Ivol                        So.                               Business

Luisa Leal-Restrepo               So.                               Exercise Science

Madeline Meyer                      Jr.                                Exercise Science

Holly Murray                           So.                               Nutritional Science

Nicole Romano                       Jr.                                Accounting

Nicole Schwartz                      Sr.                               Exercise Science

Sara Skammer                        Fr.                                Undeclared

Alyssa Straub                          So.                               Public Health

Emma-Rose Trentacosti       Jr.                                American Studies

Jenna Zito                               Sr.                               Mathematics


West Virginia University

Name                                      Class                          Major

Parker Beattie                          Fr.                                Sport and Exercise

Reilly Beattie                            Fr.                                Sport and Exercise

Amanda Carpenter                 So.                               General Studies

Beth Deal                                  Fr.                                Exercise Physiology

Chelsea Goldschrafe              Jr.                                Marketing

Jamie Judge                            Fr.                                General Studies

Tina Maloney                          Sr.                               Nursing

Kaylyn Millick                         Jr.                                Exercise Physiology

Alaska Richardson                 Jr.                                Sport and Exercise Psychology

Nicole Roach                           Sr.                               Child Development and Family Studies

Lia Salzano                              Fr.                                Exercise Physiology

Hope Sloanhoffer                   So.                               Exercise Physiology

Bethany Yurko                        So.                               Design Studies